How To 

REDUCE Inflammation

with a done-for-you meal plan so you can start enjoying food again WITHOUT debilitating pain  

Does This Sound Familiar?

✔️ Every time you eat you're in physical and/or emotional pain

✔️You only eat a handful of foods because you don't know what else to eat

✔️You don’t have time to try and find “healthy” recipes

✔️You think eating healthier costs way too much money

✔️Not sure what is causing your inflammation 

The Problem...

You might be suffering from an unhealthy gut and not even realize it!
This leads to chronic inflammation which leads to physical and/or emotional pain when consuming food...
which then leads to NOT knowing what the heck to eat without suffering the consequences afterwards. This leads to so much confusion and even fear of eating.

I've heard it over and over... 

“is there a meal plan to follow” 

“are you going to tell me what to eat” 

“I can’t eat the foods I used to and now I have no idea what to eat”

The more I listened what I heard was, women like you asking for help. You're stopped dead in your tracks because you just don't know how to start creating a healthy nutrition plan for yourself.

My 30-Day Gut Health Guide is one of the best ways to start decreasing inflammation so you can start enjoying your food again!

That's Why I Created...

Your 30-Day Gut Health Guide

Done-For-You Meal Plan So You Can Decrease Inflammation

In this Gut Health Guide I give you the tools you need so you know exactly what to do in order to start decreasing your inflammation.

I developed this Gut Health Guide so you can stop guessing, you can throw the confusion out the window and get right down to business...getting your gut healthy, calming down that burning fire inside you called inflammation so you can start enjoying food and start enjoying life again!

Inside your 30-Day Gut Health Guide I give you

 EVERYTHING you NEED to know to start eating healthy, improve your gut health and reduce chronic inflammation

Quick and Easy Recipes

Nutrition is key to improving your gut health. Good healthy food equals good gut health equals healthy disease-free body. Quick and easy recipes are going to nourish and fuel your body in the best way possible.

Tips To Eat Healthy On A Budget

The idea that you can’t eat healthy on a budget is a myth.  I’m busting this myth by providing you with 10 clear cut tips, that can be put into action today, so you can see a tremendous effect on your budget.

Tricks To Re-Create Recipes

Unsure how to take a recipe and “re-create” it? No worries, I give you straightforward written examples on how to re-create a recipe while keeping it healthy. You’ll be amazed at how easy it really is!

Know What Foods To Remove

To really see a BIG impact you’ll need to remove foods that cause inflammation in your body. I give you a concise list of what these foods are so there’s no guessing on your part.

Done-For-You Grocery List

You’ll receive a detailed grocery list with all the ingredients you need to cook your delicious, healthy meals. This is me giving you a lot of your precious time back.

Gut Health Lifestyle Tips

Lifestyle matters too. I explain how improving 3 things in your life can have a huge impact on your gut health.

Tools To Stay The Course

I help you navigate the unknown by giving you the extra tools you need to succeed and stay motivated. Knowledge is power! The more you know about supporting your gut health the quicker you’ll reduce inflammation and start enjoying food again.

This 30-Day Gut Health Guide: Done-For-You Meal Plan So You Can Decrease Inflammation Is For You If...

✔️You’re ready to make some changes but you don’t know where to start
✔️You don’t have time scouring the internet for healthy gut friendly recipes
✔️You’re suffering from inflammation because of your unhealthy gut
✔️You're miserable and in pain every time you eat
✔️You only eat a handful of foods because you don't know what else to eat
✔️You’re not sure how you can eat healthy on a budget


Are You Ready To Take Action?

Decrease inflammation and improve your gut health in just 30 days!
Learn basic gut-health principles and prepare easy, healthy recipes that will get you enjoying food again, without the physical and/or emotional pain, in no time.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi There...I'm Kathleen Oswalt. A Registered Dietitian and Gut Health Specialist!

Over the past several years my focus has been gut health.

Why? I’ve learned that gut health is where your overall health starts and ends, gut health is the key to a quality life.

So, I’ve made it my mission to help you change the way you think about food and use food to heal your gut and your body from the inside out.

I’m dedicated to helping you decrease inflammation in your body so you feel healthier and can start enjoying food without physical and emotional pain.

Check Out These Results People Are Actually Feeling!

YES! I'm Ready!

This is everything you will receive with the 30-Day Gut Health Guide:

✅ Quick and Easy Recipes ($29 value)
✅ Done-For-You Grocery List ($29 value)
✅ Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget ($19 value)
✅ A List of Foods to Remove From My Diet ($14 value)
✅ A List of Tricks to Re-create Recipes ($14 value)
✅ Gut Health Lifestyle Tips ($19 value)
✅ Ideas on Gut Healthy Snacks ($24 value)
✅ Tools to Help Motivate and Stay the Course ($24 value)
✅ Supportive Facebook Community (priceless!)

Total Value = $172

Your investment is just $49 $17

30-Day Gut Healthy Guide: Done-For-You Meal Plan So You Can Decrease Inflammation

EVERYTHING you NEED to know to start eating healthy, improve your gut health and reduce chronic inflammation

Yours Today For Only


This Meal Plan is normally $49 and is only $17 for a limited time.

Quick and Easy Recipes

Done-For-You Grocery List

Tips To Eat Healthy on a Budget

List of Tricks to Re-Create Recipes

Gut Health Lifestyle Tips

Ideas on Gut Healthy Snacks

Tools to Help Motivate and Stay the Course

Supportive Facebook Community

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This is completely risk-free...

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I'm here to help you gain control over your health and your life!

Best, Kathleen

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I'm Ready To Decrease My Inflammation!

30-Day Gut Health Guide FAQs

✔️I don't believe I can reduce inflammation and start enjoying food again. If you follow the meal plan and lifestyle tips I've provided for you hands-down you can start to decrease inflammation. You will start to notice your symptoms such as heartburn, bloating/gas, constipation, aches and pains, brain-fog, anxiety and insomnia  improving. They will become less and less noticeable and you will find yourself tolerating and enjoying the foods you eat more and more.

✔️I don't have time to cook. No worries! All the recipes but one that I've provided for you take 30 minutes or less to prepare. You can't argue with that. To decrease inflammation there's no way around it, you have to do some healthy prep and cooking in the kitchen. These recipes are easy, quick and simple. Just what you're looking for.

✔️What if I can't make all the changes at once? That's okay, don't let this stop you and rob you of improving your health. Go at your own pace and work on what you think will be the easiest to apply. You want be able to FEEL your success. It may come a little slower, than if you made all the changes at once, but rest assured you will start to feel better.

✔️If I don't like the meals what should I do? You can trust me when I say everything I've included are good quality, healthy foods that will get you on your way to decreasing your inflammation. I give you examples on how to re-create and substitute foods/ingredients in each recipe. I encourage you to do this not only to make sure you're eating a variety of foods but also if you don't like a food or ingredient. Start here first. If you still don't like the meals you can absolutely get your money back within the first 30 days.

✔️I'd love to have more recipes, how does that work? It would be a pleasure to work with you one-on-one to provide you with more tailored recipes to your personal health issues and personal tastes. You can reach out to me at



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